Bad things happen when you rush... these are words to live by. After I finished up with my charter yesterday, I did what I usually do: put away my fly boxes and lures, wash down my gear, wash the deck of the boat, shut the batteries off, take my gear bag and rods out of the boat, cover the console, and leave the marina. But yesterday I was distracted by a number of errands I had to take care of and was rushing to leave. In my haste, I neglected to take two Orvis fly rod outfits with me and didn't realize this until 4:00pm that same day. I called the dock master and rushed back to the marina to find the rods gone. What happened? Did I take them out and leave them leaning against the gate? Did someone take them?  Why would anyone take two rods out of my boat? Why would anyone do that? In my haste, I made a mistake. Thankfully, no one got injured or hurt. But as I get ready to leave on vacation for a couple weeks, I do so with a heavy heart. 

Be well and fish on!!

Capt. Wayne

Wayne Frieden